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It’s a movie that flows as quickly as his ratatatat dialogue, ever discarding and raising at a dizzying pace, while placing its real Ace up the sleeve in plain sight. Indeed, with a flicker in her countenance that causes characters and viewers alike to wonder when she’s bluffing, Chastain gives a magnificent turn as a woman who might be Sorkin’s most quick-witted hero to date.Always one of our generation’s best actors, Chastain complements Sorkin’s need to double deal on audience expectations in this tale about a “poker princess,” who eternally dresses the part, if only because she can use words as both her armor and weaponry.Mitchell Lichtenstein (“Teeth”), a son of the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, directed this thriller set in Victorian London. The Breadwinner: From the Irish animation studio that made the charming “The Secret of Kells,” the film is set in 2001 in Afghanistan where a girl disguises herself as a boy to assume her father’s role as the earner for the family after he’s wrongly arrested. : Mockumentary about competitive baking contest starring Melissa Mc Carthy and Cathryn Michon, who co-wrote and co-directs.A Fantastic Woman: Chilean film tells the story of a transgender singer who must confront family and society after her lover suddenly dies. Holy Air: Israeli director Shady Srour’s comedy about a Christian-Arab couple from Nazareth.There’s some personal material as well, including Nye’s fear of inheriting a debilitating disease and the effects of fame on his personal life. A strong second movie from “Toy Story 3” director Lee Unkrich is one of Pixar’s better productions. The plot relies on contrived conflicts, too many of which involve Ferrell’s character creating a disaster while using power tools. Hartlaub The Divine Order Women in Switzerland didn’t get the vote until 1971, and this drama (with some comedy) focuses on the transformation of a woman in a small mountain village into a suffragist. It documents her tour of small and rural French towns in the company of a much younger artist (she’s 89), named JR, during which they photographed working-class people and posted huge, blown-up images of them on local structures.

Kaluuya does a fine job as an ersatz Jimmy Stewart replacement, pulling the viewers into the mystery with him.When it came to movies, 2017 was full of surprises.Well, 2017 was full of all kinds of surprises, but these are the pleasant ones.This was one of those years where many of the big blockbusters didn't disappoint, and each month on the calendar delivered something worth seeking out. So good that we couldn't find room for everything we wanted in here, including staff was able to settle on the broader list below, presented in descending order.Not all of these were critical darlings, but they're the ones we enjoyed, can rewatch, and that sparked discussion and debate. The fact that Rose’s parents act so friendly towards Chris doesn’t make their intentions any less dubious, as you know there’s something behind all the smiling faces around them.

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